Tsuki – Chapter 292: Izumo and Iroha

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The numbers are 14.

Since learning about the existence of the scent that contains the charm power of Tomoki, I have prepared a special filter, and when I looked through it, I learned that everyone is quite the severe case of Tomoki worshipper.

It went well when using it in conjunction with [Sakai], so I tried to see if I could use it when looking through it normally, and it seems it is still useful.

I had no need and chance to utilize it when I was at the deep parts of the labyrinth fighting with Picnic Rosegarden and the Adventurers of Origin, but it is great that I came prepared.

Maybe they were former skilled adventurers and soldiers; their level is high and their movements don’t show openings.

Of course, the equipment they have is also quite good and stands out.

There’s mostly women, but there’s a decent amount…

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Entry Number 3

It is midnight. The moon is currently above the two of us. We are inside the room of the representative of Nightmares. Her room is the only room who has connection with the upper world. Our world.

The representative of Bravery has gone inside the Gate of Trials. If he got stronger, then we may be able to defeat the System who locked us up, even if the trial only increases the chances by a small margin.

The representative of Nightmares and I, the representative of Observance, are about to commence the Ceremony of the Moon.

According tothe representative of Nightmares, it should power her up and she would be able to fight our counterpart. I think she is hiding the possibility of losing herself in the process, which is why I will hold her down as the Ceremony takes place.

We still have a couple of minutes, and it is… silent. Both of us are still mourning the death of the others.

I… we miss them. Justice, Echo, Sun, and Love. They were once our comrades, but the System had seperated us. And now, Bravery is on the border of life and death.

…the Ceremony is about to begin. Let us hope Nightmare keeps her own ego until the end.

Entry Number 1

“Are you sure about this?”

In an underground room beneath the peaceful surface, three people are standing in front of a humonguous gate.


The room is almost fully isolated from any ray of light, and it has the smell of ancient books. Were it not for the torches, the room would’ve been engulfed in a complete darkness.

“Yes. But in case I don’t return within 24 hours, please destroy the gate.”


Everything looks old. Everything is old. The floors, walls, and ceiling are made out of stones. That includes the gate.



Two men and one woman. An optimist, an airhead, and an introvert. None of them would have known each other. None of them would have encountered each other. None of them would have relied on each other. If it weren’t for this gate.

“Well then, time to go back to hell.”

As he smiled, the man walks into the gate and disappears. Immediately thereafter, the gate begins to vanish from the room.

Seven once stood on their ground. Now only two remains.

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